200L~600L Nano Brewing Equipment in stock

Time: 2020-04-07
Summary: New Nano Brewing Equipment
Customized brewing equipment is available. Herewith the photos of one 2-vessel 300L brewing system in stock for your reference. Email us to learn the best price!
Here’s a brief scope supply of our 300L brewing system.
Milling system
2-Roller Mill
Brewhouse, 300L cold wort per brew batch
LauterTun / Mash Tun with rake and plow
Steam jacketed Brew Kettle / Whirlpool
Balance tank/Wort grant
2-step PHE
Sanitory Pumps
Brewhouse platform with skid
Wort aeration assembly
Plumbing, fitting, valves, etc with diverter panel
Semi-automatic Brewhouse control system
600L Steam jacketed hot liquor tank
Hot water pump
Cellar Vessels
CIP unit

Any interest, please contact with: 
Jessica Zhao
whatsApp: +86 139 4086 7350

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